If you think that you don’t have to deal with financial issues because you have recently opened a new business, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Every company needs an accountant to take care of the financial services, irrespective of their business size. After all, keeping track of all your bills and expenses is not as easy as you think. Not only is the process time-consuming but even a minor error when calculating taxes can lead to fines. Since hiring an in-house accountant can punch a hole in your pocket, outsourcing the task to a reputable accounting company is a more cost-effective option. A majority of them offer a wide range of accounting services so you can choose the ones you need for your small business. 

5 Common Services Offered By Accounting Companies In Leicester 

• Tax Accounting Services 
Generally, small business owners get in touch with an accounting company to file year-end tax returns. There are various types of accounting services an accountant or bookkeeper can provide. Not only can business owners stay assured that the job will be done right but they can even save a lot of time. They stay updated with the latest tax reporting rules and deadlines for sales tax with a focus on serving their clients better. 
• Preparation Of Financial Statements 
Financial statement preparation is one of the few tasks which small business owners often overlook. If you want someone to prepare the cash flow statement, income statement or balance sheet without any error, hire an accountant. They know that these financial statements are vital documents every business owner needs to run their business. It is important to understand the financial reporting data and financial statements if you want to make better financial decisions for your business. 
• Bookkeeping 
Want to maintain your business transactions seamlessly, hire a bookkeeper. They will manage all your financial records and help you bring the desired growth. Every business has to maintain a proper record, irrespective of its size. Though you can do a few of the bookkeeping duties yourself, hiring a bookkeeper will let you concentrate on your core business. They check the financial statements regularly to ensure that all the expenses have been deducted. An experienced bookkeeper can even help you make proper plans for the future 
• Accounts Payable 
If you run a business where you have to purchase goods and services from other companies, get in touch with one of the reputed accounting companies in Leicester for accounts payable services. Even minor mistakes like paying a bill twice, missing a payment or paying an illegitimate bill can turn out to be costly mistakes. Some of the common accounts payable services you will need for your small business are bill sorting and making payments. 
• Accounts Receivable 
Just like accounts payable, accounts receivable is a vital financial service offered by accounting companies. As accounts receivables keep on collecting, small businesses will have less cash to be used for other purposes. If you lack trained staff to manage the accounts receivable, outsource the task to an accounting company. They will help you get paid faster by boosting collection rates. You can also expect faster processing of invoices. 
Since accounting services are so important for small businesses, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering the service in Leicester. 
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