Do you have to intervene in the payroll system and take care of the monthly bills and expenses in spite of hiring an accountant? These are common signs indicating that you should start looking for a more reputable accounting company. 
Professional accountants are aware of the latest laws, regulations and rules and can enhance your knowledge about the basic accounting terms. They will look after the financial health of your organisation. 

4 Signs Indicating That You Have Chosen The Right Accounting Company 

• Revenue Growth 
Take a look at the profit-and-loss statement for the last few months and check whether there is a consistent increase in the revenue. Even if there isn’t a drastic rise in the profit margin, growth in the revenue indicates that you have chosen the right accounting company. Steady revenue growth means your company is moving towards a strong financial outlook. 
• Your Expenses Are Within Your Control 
It is not only about the revenue, a good accountant will also take care not to exceed your expenses. Even if your expenses rise because of the momentous growth spurt, it should be at par with the increase in revenue. In other words, if there is a 3% revenue growth in your company in a year, your expense should also grow with the same timeframe. 
• Adequate Cash Balance 
If the accounting company is helping you increase your business revenue but is investing back the money into your business, there won’t be an increase in your cash balance. Your business won’t be sustainable if your cash balance is low or stagnant. A steady increase in the cash balance indicates a positive long-term growth of your business. 
• Your Profitability Ratio Is Good 
An easy way to measure the return on your investments and sales is by taking a closer look at the profitability ratio. You can use it to calculate your profit margin. It depends on the startup costs, pricing structure and other factors. It is why your profit margin might be low in spite of making sales. 
Since you now know the common signs indicating that you have chosen the right accounting company, get in touch with the experts at BGS Accounting. 
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